Seeking Smart CookingWare Manufacturers?

Our Bluetooth Smart Meatthermomter CookingWare With Your Logo. Also For Corporate as Kamado, Smoker, Grill, Cooking, Kitchen Manufacturers、Cooking tools Manufacturers.

Being a leading Smart Cooking ware OEM ODM manufacturer in China, Hypersynes supports a range of world Smart Cooking ware brands with its professional one-stop Design & Manufacture solution or promotional Smart Cooking ware. 

ID Design

The overall dimension and color can be customized based on your needs HyperSynes is a design-driven company

Customized Firmware

The displayed contents on screen can be customized, including boot-screen and all kinds of icons, such as logo, etc.

R&D Team With Senior Developer

ID Design, MD Design, App Development,Software Development,Hardware Development, Mass Production

Customized APP available for the Smart Device

Language, Name, Logo and Icon of Interface Could be Customized to help you publish the app on IOS and Android 

Function Development

The functions of the Smart Meat Thermometer can be developed according to your requirements, such as special communication protocol based on Bluetooth, special sensor, data display, and so on.

The SDK available for your APP

We can provide the SDK to your own APP. The SDK, including Android and iOS, take charge for the communication with Smart Meat thermometer via the private Bluetooth protocol. Your programmers only need to focus on the UI and business

Need Support from Smart Meat thermometer Manufacturer? Check How We Work Together

There are 4 types of partnership for our customers to meet their diverse demands and requirements. Different partnership types, different lead time.

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