What is the best wireless grill thermometer Manufacturer or Supplier?


Wireless Connectivity: Monitor using your phone or tablet
With both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built-in, Signals broadcast the details of your cook to whomever, wherever in the world.

6 Channels: Monitor your cooker and multiple types of meat
View all four channels, including High and Low Alarms and Min and Max temperatures for each, on the big, bold display or on your smart device.

Intelligent, Durable Design: Features that add up to quality and useability
Splash-proof molding for durable outside use, and magnetic backing for added placement options. Outlasts the competition for years.

Probes: Choose from 6 probe designs
Our probes are the most accurate, durable, and long-lasting in the industry. Add functionality to your Signals with additional probes.Works with EasyBBQ app and standalone

  • Stays in place with a sturdy base and strong magnets on the back

  • Backlit dashboard-style display to track temps, alarms, Min/Max

  • Rechargeable battery with included power adapter

  • Designed in Utah by ThermoWorks

Designed for competition BBQ teams, commercial smokehouses, professional chefs, and those who want to cook like them, Signals with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology boasts 4 channels of continuous temperature monitoring with all the powerful features and convenience you've come to expect from ThermoWorks.

Finally, a 6 channel alarm thermometer that works with your smart device AND as a stand-alone unit with physical buttons (so you don't have to soil your smartphone). Signals come with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology on board so you get a continuous signal and real-time alerts whether you're in a field or across town. Setup is quick and easy without ever needing to read the instruction manual. Signals stand apart from the competition, from its huge, backlit dashboard display and sturdy, self-standing weather-resistant case to its programmable channel names and new high-temperature silicone color bands so you know at a glance which channel goes with which probe. Signals use commercial-grade Pro-Series temperature probes exclusive to ThermoWorks to deliver better accuracy, faster response, wider temperature ranges, and longer useful life. Cook more at once and worry less about the results with Signals.


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