EasyBBQ|How to use bluetooth meat thermometer? FAQ

Why the Bluetooth range is limited?

The distance will be effected by WiFi,parclose.Usually it's 50m/160ft outdoor.

How to Connect the thermometer?

Download and install App.                                                                        

After installing the app,                                

turn on Bluetooth                                     

switch on smart device    

power on thermometer 

launch the app and press Start on-screen. 

What kind of devices can be supported?

Apple:iPhone4s or later           

Samsung Galaxy: S3 or later  

Samsung Galaxy Note: Note2 or later For other 

Android devices: Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0 or later 

Do not support Windows phones

How can I switch Fahrenheit and Celsius?

Use the app to change the units of measurement.

Can I leave the probes in an Oven,grill or smoker?

Yes, you can. But make sure that the temperature of your grill, oven or smoker does not go over 572F or 300C and do not put your probes  in direct contact with flames.

Why sometimes  there  are obvious differences in temperature readings of these  probes?

The probe may be damaged by frame contact or liquid inflow.Please change a new probe.

Is this thermometer and probes waterproof?

Both parts are not waterproof.Please don't use dishwasher or submerse in water.

How can I maintain the thermometer and probes?

To clean up the probes, use a damp cloth to wipe them.                 

DO NOT  immerse the probes in water  

DO NOT use dishwasher to clean up. 

DO NOT place thermometer on any hot surfaces. 

DO NOT place probes in direct fire / flames. 

Always remove the plastic cable wrap before using.